Miyerkules, Pebrero 1, 2012


1. Present contrived experience and various form s by graphic organizer. 

2. Compare a model and a mock up by the use of Venn diagram

3.      3.  Illustrate with example the five reasons why we make use of models, mock ups, specimens and objects given above.

A.     A.  Overcome limitations of space and time.
This picture represents the Philippine National Animal. As a teacher, it is very vital for them, students to know the structures or how this animal looks like. It is impossible for me to bring this in a classroom or catch this since it’s too heavy and it will take a long day to take this to school. So for further and clear discussion, I better catch a picture and show it to the class. Besides, a big Carabao requires a big space so that it could be safe and harmless on the part of the students.

B.      B. To edit reality for us to be able to focus on parts or a process of a system that we intend to study.

This emphasizes the internal part of the human respiratory system. It is very impossible to have this kind of representation since it is not convenient in the part of the students as well teachers to have an actual model. In a precise way, we can explain it very well through the use of diagrams.

C.      To overcome difficulties of size.
 Obviously, elephant is one of the largest animals in the world. Everyone, including a curios mind of a student wanted to witness how really it is different among other animals.

D.    D.  To understand the inaccessible

The inaccessibility of the solar system becomes even more clearly and well discussed through the use of pictorial representation.

  E. Help the learners understand abstractions.
    Representation of solar system and other parts of outer space is really a hard task.

4.       4. Go over RBEC. Identify objectives and topic which can be taught with contrived experiences- models, mock ups, specimens and objects, simulation and games.

The rationale behind the revision of the education curriculum and the introduction of Makabayan is to:
§  Connect related subjects from the different learning areas;
§  Increase the time allotted for Science, English, and Mathematics;
§  Create multi-faceted basic education teachers;
§  Reduce congestion of subjects offered in basic education;
§  Increase the importance of the arts, music, sports, dance, and other aspects of Philippine culture; and

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